Our Furniture has your Back

And we do too. We offer smart, quick and affordable workplace furniture rental solutions at DC, LA, NYC & the Bay Area. The BureauOne backing is all about how we can innovate, push boundaries and lead the change on rental solutions to drive dollar value, optimize efficiencies and deliver growth for you.

One Platform to Simplify it All

Dust your hands off multiple vendors and their myriad problems. We offer you easy tech-touchpoints across devices to help you imagine, plan, track and shape your space into an inspiring workplace.


Flex for Success

Affordable monthly fees and a wide selection of furniture that lets you stay agile and adapt instantly to scale up or down on changing business goals.


Experience White-glove Delivery

Single-point contact and professional, hassle-free delivery, assembly and pick-up services in just a few business days.


Make your Designs Drive Productivity

Experts to lead you through the design process and help you make the right decisions for your business.


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