Achievements require results. Results demand for you to be highly productive. Productivity is often confused with the number of hours you spend at work. The amount of work you get done at the office is what is really important. And, when it comes to getting some serious work done, you’re most likely seated at a desk. Before you start feeling dejected, know that you’re in good company. According to the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time employees spend an average of 8.4 hours per day at their workplace – a whole lot of desk time.   

The flow of your workday is something you can never exercise any control over. What you CAN do is leverage the power of the ‘desk effect’ to boost your productivity at work, overnight.  

There are podcasts, daily routines and even procrastination techniques that keep you at your productive best. Yet, the one thing still missing from your arsenal of time management hacks is how you optimize your desk space for ultimate productivity. A desk that is customized to your needs and preferences can shape your habits, boost your mood and keep you engaged.

Here are 4 simple yet effective work productivity tips to change your workspace from ‘distracting’ to ‘focus-inducing’. 

Add some green

Probably the least expensive recommendation on this list. Keeping plants on your desk is good for your overall well-being. Moreover, research suggests that employees in offices with plants are also 15% more productive. Pick a plant that can thrive on how much sunlight your desk gets. Succulents require a lot of sunlight but are low-maintenance and widely available. If your desk doesn’t get as much sun, opt for low-light options like the snake plant, pothos, and peace lily. And, if botany isn’t your thing, here’s some advice on how not to kill your indoor plants.

Accessories that aren’t an overdose

We all love small items that accessorize our desks. It could be a small bobblehead of your favorite superhero or something trivial like a piece of volcanic rock from your vacation to Bali. These items allow you to personalize your workspace and add a splash of joy to your day. Note that, overdoing the accessories not only clutters your space, but also results in a distracted mind. If you find yourself constantly reaching for things, while trying to think and type at the same time, it’s time to declutter your desk. Consider investing in functional accessories like the Key-Mouse, a phenomenon that was funded on Kickstarter, that combines a keyboard and a mouse into an ergonomic, efficient device.

Wear noise-canceling headphones

But, don’t play any music while you’re trying to get work done. According to the author of “This Is Your Brain On Music”, listening to music when working hinders productivity unless you’re working on repetitive tasks. If you must listen to music, do so for 10-15 minutes before getting down to business so you’re in the groove and can enjoy the dopamine rush in your brain that is triggered by melody. Wearing your headphones with no audio can also work in your favor. People are less likely to approach you for a casual chat because you have your headphones on and you’re less likely to get distracted. 

Start standing more

Not that you absolutely need a standing desk to be more productive, but you do need to sit less. Given our daily routines at work, most of us risk getting the “sitting disease”. Standing/height-adjustable desks aren’t just  a trend anymore. They’ve become an essential component at offices to help you work better. Choose a height-adjustable desk over a plain standing one as you’ll be able to move the desk while you take turns between sitting and standing.

Sure, some of these hacks for your overall well-being as a professional come at a cost. Choose BureauOne as your preferred partner for office furniture because working with them lets you source office furniture on a subscription basis. Furthermore, this allows you to channel your valuable funds toward the growth of the business instead of cashing it on furniture that may not be required once the business scales. From height-adjustable desks to plants, BureauOne allows you to rent furniture for all kinds of spaces across the workplace.