When you think about the ideal vacation, it’s all about finding solace in nature. The rustling of leaves, the sound of the waves, the smell of the breeze. Being one with nature has an uncanny way of soothing us and lifting our spirits. This innate connection we have with green spaces is called Biophilia.

Biophilia, as a concept, gained popularity in 1984. The main contributor to the trend was the book titled “Biophilia”, written by Edward O. Wilson. The book states that humans have an inherent connection with other forms of life. A basic urge to be among nature. This connection is not only healthy but also keeps us happy. 

Today, nature is a luxury that most salaried employees can no longer afford. Working in a startup comes with its own set of challenges, even with all the perks. It’s common knowledge that an employee spends almost 90 percent of his/ her time glued to different screens. This leads to the question of the quality of the environment they work in. 

Biophilic concepts are all the rage in workplace interiors. With exceptional benefits like mental well-being and increased productivity, “biophilia” is here to stay. Today, we will be looking into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of biophilia in a modern workspace.


Why are biophilic designs important for the workplace?

There is no limit to the impact a well-designed workplace environment can have on an employee’s performance. This puts the focus on offices that promote an individual’s well-being and efficiency. Here are a few benefits of biophilia.

  • Physical health:  Adding plants to your floor plan helps to improve the air quality in your office. Plants absorb pollutants, toxins, and airborne microbes that are the common causes of illness and poor health, resulting in many employees taking sick leave. 
  • Mental well-being: Being around nature reduces stress, while also improving confidence and self-esteem. Including natural elements in your workplace fosters a more vibrant and harmonious ambiance.
  • Productivity: Did you know that natural light can enhance your employee’s productivity levels? Natural light boosts melatonin, a hormone that regulates our energy levels. By providing ample light, ensure that your staff is always energized and on their A-game.
  • Staff-retention: The right office environment can create a sense of belonging for your staff. A unique workplace, with biophilic concepts, shows how much you value your employees. People feel loyal to an organization when they are happy and appreciated. 

How to weave biophilia into your workplace? 

True biophilic design goes beyond placing plants at regular intervals throughout the workplace. It is about incorporating the phenomenon into every single element of your office. In the beginning, it may seem like a daunting task. But once you understand the concept, it can get addictive. Here are 3 basic tips to help you get started.

  1. Think elemental: Make sure your furniture incorporates more nature-inspired details. Using materials like wood can help create an authentic and warm environment. Wood enhances the uniqueness, beauty, and character of every piece. Laminate can work as a cost-effective substitute for wood, while stone is reminiscent of natural landscapes. With BureauOne, transform your office into a workspace that your employees look forward to every day. 
  2. Motivate through nature: Plants have an inherent calming effect. They have proven to reduce employee stress and anxiety. When designing your workplace, use plants of varying heights and textures across the layout. Add more plant walls/separators that are modular, flexible, and scalable.  
  3. Keep it lit: Natural light is forever going to reign over all other forms of light. While we all love a lit space, not every office comes with windows. Here’s where you get creative. From scone lamps to floor lamps, the possibilities are infinite. Combine beauty and technology with BureauOne’s unique and modern lighting solutions.


Startups with modern floor plans have popularized the concept of an “ideal workplace.” If you’re thinking of tweaking your office plan, a biophilic design may just be the pick-me-up you need. With endless options at BureauOne, bring the biophilic approach to your workplace design. Create an awe-inspiring office that fosters creativity and drives innovation.