Here at BureauOne, we often talk about designing a comfortable workplace – one that inspires constructive ideas and productivity. Ultimately, our goal is to help you drive growth.

But sometimes, external forces may require your employees to work from home.

The problem is, how do you ensure your employees are as productive at home as they are at a scientifically-designed workplace. No collaborative spaces. No adjustable furniture. How can you drive growth with the same level of certainty, then?

Proponents of the remote work culture have a lot of research to relieve some of your worries. A study by SurePayroll showed that 86% of workers are at their most productive when working alone. But they’re not really alone, if they’re surrounded by a family that needs entertaining, chores that need doing, and distractions at home that need attending?

Well, breathe easy, because we’ve done the research to help you figure this out.

Optimize your meetings

Set up short, recurring meetings for your employees on your favorite conference platform.

Here at BureauOne, our team attends a quick 15 – 30 minute conference call every morning just so each member can check in and provide an update. Unless this is something you did at the office every day, you’ll find that your employees are more aware of each other’s tasks and the overall results tend to be so much better, while you’re reassured that everyone is on the same page.

employee productivity 1

When you set up your meetings, include details on the agenda so everyone invited knows what it’s about and can prepare for it. You can also keep your meetings concise by always having a running list of things to talk about, so you can bring up everything you need to in one go.

Encourage flexible timings

We’ve always been proponents of adapting the workplace to suit your employees’ working style, and when they’re working from home, this includes allowing them to use their time efficiently.For example, some of your employees may be productive early in the morning. Allow them to log off at 4 p.m the previous day if you know they’ll come through at 6 a.m. the next morning.Similarly, unless there’s a crucial meeting you need them to attend, you can allow your employees to sleep in till noon, if you know they’re productivity machines at 1 a.m.employee productivity 2

Adhering to the archaic 9-to-5 doesn’t matter as much as results do, and you’ll find that employees deliver more when they have the freedom to set their own schedules. Flexible timings also allow them to make the most of their time spent with their family or themselves.  There’s plenty of evidence to show that having excellent work-life balance often leads to better productivity and ultimately, faster growth for your business.

Always be available

Working remotely may be great for productivity as long as you minimize its risks. One of these risks is a lack of discipline overshadowing the potential to do good work. And if you’re offline or unavailable, your employees’ morale goes down. When your team works from home, lead by example and let them know that you’re always there for them on all platforms. Knowing your manager is around working along with you and available to help is a huge boost to an employee’s productivity when the team is working from home.employee productivity 3

Equip them for work

Ensure you and your employees are prepared for remote work by having everything needed for uninterrupted work. This could include hardware like laptops and printers, or software like video editors and collaboration applications. Having all these helps both you and your employees to avoid scrambling at the last minute. Nothing dents remote productivity and growth like being unequipped to handle incoming tasks.employee productivity 4

Provide dedicated workspaces

Studies show that remote productivity comes from having a space earmarked for work, and work alone. Unfortunately, your employees may be tempted to sit at the dining table, on the couch, or even in bed because these places are comfortable. While their comfort is a priority, there’s a reason why office furniture doesn’t comprise tufted king-size headboards or foam-filled ottomans.employee productivity 5

Office furniture was designed for productive work while keeping employees comfortable and healthy. We can’t stress enough about the importance of ergonomics and studies dedicated to ensuring that employees avoid repetitive strain injuries. Which is why your business could greatly benefit from ensuring your employees have ergonomically-designed workspaces. This includes an ergonomic chair, height-adjustable desks, and decent storage at the minimum.

To help maintain workplace-levels of productivity at home, BureauOne can help you give all your employees a high-end home office package that includes everything they need to do what they do best without missing a beat.

home office with a view

Our packages are available for rent for as low as $25/mo per employee and includes white-glove installation within 7 days. It’s easy to get started.