“I was impressed with how quickly BureauOne was able to get in and out of the space, also making sure to clean up before they left. The desks blended in well with our other desks and were installed well – we never had an issue with them. Would definitely recommend and use them again.”

Megan McGuire, Office Manager


About Brex

Offering corporate cards for startups, life science, and ecommerce companies, as well as a cash management account, Brex is a financial platform that was built from the ground up to keep pace with a company’s ambitions.


About BureauOne

BureauOne offers office furniture solutions that are tailored to meet your business requirements. We’ve combined office furniture rental with intelligent space planning, white-glove delivery and installation onsite, single point of contact, flexibility, and priority support.


The Challenge 

Brex was growing quickly and was looking for affordable office furniture that worked effectively in their space. In order to equip their new employees with appropriate workstations, Brex needed a convenient, quick and affordable furniture solution, and they found it in BureauOne’s flexible furniture rental product.  

Brex chose a reliable furniture partner like BureauOne so that their new employees would have a comfortable office environment. They needed a temporary hold-over fix for their workplace and did not want to purchase the furniture before they moved to a bigger space.

The BureauOne furniture that Brex selected was both stylish and functional, and it was a plus that it matched their existing aesthetic. 


The BureauOne Solution

Brex partnered with our furniture experts to choose the kind of functional products that enabled higher levels of collaboration, employee morale, and increased productivity. 

To help Brex prepare for their new employees, BureauOne designed a functional furniture rental plan that could scale as fast as they did, while adhering to their existing workspace constraints. 

First, BureauOne’s space planning professionals worked with the Brex team to understand their layout, nature of work, and the type of furniture required. The objective was to provide employees with sit-stand desks to match the other office furniture in their workplace. 

Then, BureauOne’s highly-streamlined white-glove delivery service ensured that the Brex workplace was outfitted with 23 sturdy sit/stand desks and chairs in just 6 hours. With an efficient delivery, installation, and assembly process, BureauOne was able to help Brex quickly fill up their office with new rental desks that blended seamlessly into their existing layout. 


The Result

Brex found cost-effective furniture rental at BureauOne to fit the collaborative and productive culture of their organization. 

BureauOne’s scalable subscription service and fast white-glove delivery, along with a bit of expert 3D planning, allowed Brex to equip their new employees quickly without having to move departments out to a co-working space.

Thanks to the affordability and flexibility of renting from BureauOne, Brex was able to spend less on furniture, and focus on growing their business.

Are you opening a new office or expanding in your current office space? BureauOne can help you furnish your space with convenient and flexible furniture plans that suit your needs.