For those of us who are not used to working from home or don’t have an organized workspace at home, distractions can disrupt your productivity. After all, you’re at your comfortable best, unlike the usual professional environment. Then it hits you.The laundry needs to be done. And the dishes too.Your furry friend needs to be fed, and walked. Plus, you need to pick up where you left off on Netflix from last night.And, you can hear someone yelling from the other room.All of this can cause you to keep losing your train of thought. On the flip side, maybe being home 24×7 has you toiling away overtime – long after you usually would have called it quits at the office. You probably don’t realize it, but cabin fever could be sneaking up on you just like any other pandemic. Early symptoms include a bad mood and a sharp decrease in productivity. Leave it unchecked, and this feeling of being isolated will leave you forever stuck in the cycle of procrastination.

Most people who have the good fortune – and discipline – to regularly work from a home office would agree that the drawbacks outweigh the many benefits. But, as with any situation, there still exist potential pitfalls. Those who complain about cabin fever find themselves dealing with this sense of being ‘disconnected from the real world’. This feeling can exaggerate itself if you’re remote working where cold temperatures and overcast conditions persist predominantly.The good news is that by getting these basics right, cabin fever can be cured with little effort.

Eat healthy

It’s not just your waistline that needs to be kept in check while you laze around in L-Shaped positions all over your place. Consuming healthy, whole food and drinking lots of water makes it easier to stay mentally sharp. Lots of caffeine and sugar may perk you up for a bit, but will sap your energy and creativity, and probably cause you to crash soon enough.


This LifeHacker article suggests that exercise makes your brain believe you are in flight or flight mode by increasing your heart pressure. Your brain then releases a protein called BDNF to protect you from the stress you experience. Turns out, BDNF is not only protective but also reparative for your memory neurons. This explains why a little activity goes a long way in making us feel calmer and more clear-headed.

Take a breather

Go outdoors. Head to a park for lunch, take your dog for a walk; or run a quick errand. Stepping outside for small breaks will work wonders for your brain. The fresh air helps you clear your head, and the change of scenery will leave you feeling recharged.

Define water-tight boundaries

Your designated workspace should be naturally off-limits for everyone else at home – and a space where you only focus on work. That way, you have a space all to yourself where your brain automatically kicks into work mode. Use that relatable space to create a confined environment to work, so you can walkabout and take breaks elsewhere. Most importantly, this helps you feel like you’re still at work, but just a bit more comfortable.

Clearly define work time

Working from home is all about being orderly and managing your time cleverly. Getting caught in the midst of the wormhole of endless work is understandable, essentially because you’re in that comfort zone and it’s harder to differentiate between work and leisure time. So it’s best to stick to a schedule and factor in regular breaks. But, make sure your workday ends at a certain time – after which you switch off your work from home setup

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