What is with this archaic notion that employees have to be seated while they work.

Now that we have portable laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches with us all the time, should we still follow the old-fashioned, sitting-down, desk-and-chair mode of working?

No. Because it’s not healthy.

That is why corporations around the world are adopting new principles of productive office design. One of these enlightened principles is furnishing offices with height-adjustable desks.

Take a stand against sitting

The research against sitting for long hours was piling higher than our ergonomic seats could go, so the standing desk was created. 

However, new research showed that standing for long hours was every bit as bad as sitting because it caused its own set of physical ailments, notably back pain and swelling in the feet. Plus standing desks took up extra office real estate and employees found moving their work from sitting desks to standing desks and back again too tedious.

That was when the height-adjustable desk came into the picture.

Tech it or leave it

By incorporating a little mechanical technology, furniture manufacturers were able to create height-adjustable (or sit-stand) desks so that we could get the best of both worlds. 

Now, without leaving their favorite spots, employees can both sit and stand whenever they want, during their workday. 

To maximize your office’s productivity, you must embrace this new technology too, or risk your employees continuing to call in sick with backaches, more often than you’d like. Worst case, they might just leave your company for one that’s more progressive.

Uplift health and productivity

The movement that occurs when the body goes between sit-stand-sit is enough to give the body and mind a little push during the workday. Studies show that employees who use height-adjustable desks are more focused with better heart rates, at the very least.

These desks has also been shown to reduce back and neck pain, lower the risk of heart disease, bring down blood sugar levels, and decrease the risk of obesity.

Your business will see better results too. A 2014 study by Texas A&M University showed that people at standing desks were 45% more productive than those who were seated. 

Other studies show similar results and employers notice an increased sense of wellness and a more positive mood and attitude in workers who are less sedentary.  

Looking for height-adjustable desks for your workplace?

What wood you choose

With sit-stand desks rising in demand each year, manufacturers have now created an assortment of different types that you can choose from. 

The table top, for example, is now available in laminate, solid wood, reclaimed wood, solid bamboo, steel, and other materials. We’re partial to laminate ourselves because of the durability and easy cleaning, but we can try to provide you with other kinds of height-adjustable desks for rent according to your preference.

Several desks come with built-in features like sit/stand reminder systems, height display, and the ability to program the heights you prefer into its memory presets. 

You can also get desks in different shapes and sizes according to your working style, as well as different colors. We love the natural wood grain pattern ourselves but have no qualms against plain white or dark laminates for that modern, blank canvas look. 

A height-adjustable desk can be personalized in many ways because it is you and your colleague’s personal workspace. If it doesn’t offer you the right conditions that you need to work efficiently, it’s not good office furniture. 

What can you bring to the table

That being said, your productivity cannot depend entirely on the furniture you choose. 

On their own, sit-stand desks are incredibly healthy and useful. But as a user of these desks, there’s a lot more that you can do to get the most out of them and be incredibly productive.

For example:

  • Maintain good posture

When you sit, follow the rules of ergonomics by giving your upright back plenty of support and keeping your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. When you stand, keep your back straight and your elbows at a 90-degree angle to the table.

  • Switch positions regularly

Every 30-45 minutes, change your position, but don’t force yourself to if you strongly feel like remaining in your current position. Every person is different, so what may be healthy for your colleague may not be so for you. You can even incorporate the Pomodoro productivity method here by switching positions at the end of every interval. 

  • Don’t forget to walk

Standing desks give you more freedom to move around during your workday. Walking is not only healthy, but can help you ideate and focus better.

  • Get an anti-fatigue mat

Even though a healthy combination of sitting and standing should reduce the physical problems that standing desks create, placing a high-quality anti-fatigue mat under your feet can still do wonders to make you more comfortable. Speaking of which, you should invest in well-fitting shoes too and always shift your weight from one foot to another while you work.

  • Stand after eating

Studies show that working while standing after lunch helps burn more calories than sitting. Plus, it helps chase away some of the post-lunch drowsiness that most of us experience after a heavy meal. 

  • Consult an expert

When you procure sit-stand desks, it’s always a good idea to ask your furniture provider on how best to use them. Many people, for example, choose high-end ergonomic chairs only to sit hunched at their workstations every day. 

  • Get the right accessories

Height-adjustable desks move, so getting traditional cable management columns and privacy screens might cause some hassle. Make sure you get suitable monitor arms, cable management, power grommets, and extension cords to ensure an uninterrupted flow of work.

Stand by your employees

While helping your company do big things, your employees deserve good office furniture to work on. The desk is an employee’s personal workspace and must enable them to create productively without holding back.

A height-adjustable desk intelligently combines the pros of both sitting and standing desks while almost eliminating their cons. That is why numerous companies across the States are switching to this innovative design. 

And now, you can do the same, in the most efficient way possible.

BureauOne offers height-adjustable desks for rent, along with fast delivery, scalable subscriptions, and white-glove service so that giving your employees healthy ergonomic furniture is quick, easy, and convenient.