Furniture rental is a smart business solution. It is convenient and frees up capital for an expenditure that is more important than cafe chairs or standing desks. If you’ve ever attempted to purchase furniture for an office full of people, you know that it's not an easy process .

Selection, design, space planning, delivery, assembly - these things take time and a lot can go wrong, particularly when working with multiple vendors for each task. So, while evaluating a furniture rental provider, you need to ensure that they are equipped to manage a large project and are really capable of offering a complete solution.

1. Do they offer furniture or a furniture solution?

There are office furniture rental providers who merely ship furniture to you and let you worry about everything else, and there are those who go the extra mile to provide a turnkey solution that simplifies all aspects of the process. While it won’t matter which of the two you pick if all you need is a conference table and six chairs for your boardroom, it certainly will make a difference when you’re looking to move the entire office. BureauOne is your end-to-end furniture rental solution where everything is taken care of, from estimating your needs to planning your space, as well as installing the furniture as per your requirements.


2. Does the furniture rental provider have an impressive clientele?

Turning a space into a work environment requires several skill sets. Interior designers, a delivery crew, project managers, customer service, and so on. You won't know if the provider you are evaluating can handle your needs unless you know what they’ve done for other clients. Ask for a client list and testimonials. The larger the brands they’ve worked with (see our client list), the more likely they can handle the workload. Also, take a look at their Yelp page for reviews. Are there any reviews? Do the reviews appear genuine?

3. Can the provider satisfy the diverse furniture needs of an entire office?

One reason furniture is such a hassle for large companies is due to the fact that there isn't one single provider of furniture for an entire office. You can’t buy a conference table from the same vendor that stocks lounge furniture. Office furniture rental companies with a small vendor base will face the same problem. Always check to see if they can meet all your requirements adequately. BureauOne has built strong relationships with several vendors to become a one-stop shop for office furniture rental and conducts quality checks to ensure that each item is up to the mark.

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4. Who takes care of your delivery and assembly?

Being on time is crucial to the delivery and assembly process. And you’ll need a bit of flexibility here, particularly if your move is staggered. Furniture rental providers without a delivery crew, however, will not be able to offer the same level of flexibility as those who have a dedicated staff that gets your furniture to your location, as and when promised.

5. Does the provider have a process in place for the entire setup?

Setting up an office is a logistical nightmare. Ask just about anyone who has taken on the responsibility of moving a few hundred people over 2 or 3 months. A good furniture rental provider will be able to establish timelines within a process document before you get started. This level of efficiency is a clear indication of their ability to manage your move.

6. Does the provider offer a rent-to-buy option?

Renting furniture is a great way to go, particularly for growing companies. Once your business has stabilized and your employees are in love with the furniture, you may want to buy it. For this reason, you may be interested in a rent-to-buy option. Don't forget to check if your provider offers you the opportunity to do so.

The cost of turning a unit into a workspace can be significant for a business. From brokerage to interiors, the expenses are numerous. A delayed move will only add to your financial burden, as you'll end up paying the rent for an office that’s still unusable. So be sure to do a thorough evaluation while picking a provider; a few uncomfortable questions may end up saving you thousands of dollars.

At BureauOne, we have refined our project management capabilities, delivering a complete furniture rental solution that includes sourcing the right furniture, space planning (with a 3D walk-through), and white-glove delivery and installation.

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We offer a one-stop, cost-effective furniture rental solution for offices. This includes professional design guidance, complete project management and white-glove services for start-ups, SMBs & large enterprises.

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