Imagine for a second –

Your office reception is simply beautiful – the perfect blend of elegance and function.

Your visitors are silently impressed as soon as they enter and your receptionist is able to competently assist them while remaining comfortable and productive in their seat.

Because it comes down to this – how you design your reception area says a lot about your business, and influences how your visitors will ultimately interact with you.

So whether you’re a large enterprise with a new office or a growing startup, you need to be smart about how you choose your reception desk because it has to be both elegant and functional to do its job right.

The aesthetics of your reception desk

The reception is the face of your workplace. It’s what your visitors will judge you by the first time they see it. It must inspire trust, professionalism, and success to clients, new hires, and investors.

1. Choose the right size

A quick rule of thumb is to choose a front desk size proportional to your reception area. If you have a small space, get a small desk. If you have a large space, get a large desk.

If you have a massive space with high ceilings and tons of walking room, get an appropriately sized reception desk. Massive desks like these are usually designed specifically for hotel lobbies.

choose reception desk

It’s all about creating balance. Your reception desk should be the first thing your visitors see and come to while still leaving enough room for seating and flow of foot traffic between the entrance and the rooms inside.

The size of your reception desk will also depend on how many receptionists you plan to hire, or vice versa. Depending on how busy your office gets, your receptionist(s) need to have ample space for all of their work.

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2. Pick the right shape and placement

Where you decide to place your front desk usually has a hand in what shape you pick.

For example, reception desks placed in the center of the lobby are usually round, while those closer to a wall are curved or rectangular. Once again, this helps in creating balance and allows your receptionists to always face the direction of your visitors, as they walk in.

Pick the right shape and placement

3. Select an amazing design

You want the face of your workplace to be warm and welcoming, to smile at visitors and answer their questions, keep them patient, and clarify what they have to do next.

And all of this occurs at the front desk.

Your reception desk design must therefore convey your business’s values in a professional and courteous manner. Whether it’s service, transparency, commitment, or diversity, both your desk and your receptionist must create an experience for your visitors that they’ll resonate with.

Think also about how your desk will fit in with the decor of the space around and the nature of business. Salons and spas, for example, may prefer natural wood tones to match their soft lighting.

choose reception desk

Hotels and financial office lobbies, on the other hand, normally go for something more opulent like granite or marble. Such a reception desk may not, however, work for a techie startup or a security firm.

choose reception desk

The ergonomics of your reception desk

The second part to choosing the right reception desk is ensuring that your receptionist is comfortable and productive.

No matter how beautiful it looks to your visitors, it is still a functional piece of furniture that must allow your busy receptionist to manage everyday tasks while still being able to calm impatient guests and avoid burnout.

Here’s how:

1. Providing enough space

Whether you’ll have one receptionist or many, every one of them requires enough personal workspace to feel comfortable and work well without getting cluttered.

Select an amazing design

You also want to make sure that there’s plenty of space around the desk itself for your receptionists to move without bumping into each other or to allow them to leave the desk to assist your visitor if required.

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2. Choosing the right height

Per the rules of ergonomics, the desk’s height should allow your receptionist to work upright comfortably with their elbows making a 90-degree angle to the table.

You’ll want to also look up ergonomic reception chairs at this point.

However, what makes reception desks different from regular workstations is that they often have two levels. The lower one is the receptionists’ workspace, while the higher one covers the (possibly messy) workspace from visitors’ eyes.

Choosing the right height

With the higher table top clean and clutter-free, visitors also have a nice place to lean on or sign something as opposed to regular desks with just the one level.

3. Opting for storage

File cabinets are a must-have for reception desks.

Even though the higher table can cover the receptionists’ workspace and give them some privacy, some extra storage is always required to help them stay organized, personally.

These file cabinets often come built into the reception desks themselves, but you can always get additional ones separately.

If you’re looking for the perfect reception desk for your workplace, BureauOne can help.

Not only do we have an incredible range of reception desks available for rent from manufacturers you admire, but we can also deliver and install them in your office space within just a few days.

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