If you're reading this from your cubicle (which you absolutely detest) then let us tell you, you're not alone! Yes, cubicles formed the foundation for most workplace designs for decades. However, these restrictive box-like structures are long gone, leaving the door open for “open office layouts” to make their grand debut. Startups, known for their dynamic office layouts and synergistic environments, have helped bring “open offices” into the limelight.

Perhaps, this open office is everything you desired it to be. Or, is it? With endless chatter and noisy discussions on the floor, a flexible layout can impede productivity and hinder work that requires individual attention. Between the old cubicles and newer designs, it might seem difficult to find a private spot in the office. So, what is your solution to maintaining open office privacy?

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The idea is to think out of the box, and when it comes to workplace design, change is the only constant. The continuous noise and distractions on an open floor have marked the return of cubicles, though slightly adapted. Privacy pods, privacy boxes, micro-offices, phone booths, or even cubicle nouveau. Known to us by many names, these innovative furniture designs aim to fix all the issues faced by the modern workforce. Let’s take a closer look at some of these revamped cubicles or what we’d like to call, “Cubicle 2.0”.

How To Maintain Open Office Privacy: Cubicle 2.0

Multi-Person Privacy Boxes

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Sometimes, all it takes is a change of view to inspire new ideas. Add a few privacy boxes to your office furniture and put an end to unwanted gatherings on the floor. Not only do these boxes give you a private space to take a break but they also allow employees to conduct team discussions and brainstorming sessions. 

One-Person Phone Booths

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We all know that one guy who talks at the top of his voice or that one girl whose laugh can start a domino effect. With these regular disturbances, it might seem impossible to take an important client call at your desk.  A one-person phone booth is your friendly neighborhood superhero. These phone booths provide your team with the personal space they need, to work without any distractions.



Enough talk about privacy, let’s talk business. When you're starting out with just a few employees, building large conference rooms is not your most cost-effective option. You can consider adding micro-offices to your workspace, to hold conferences, team meetings, and other types of group activities.

Privacy Pods

All work and no talk makes Jack a dull employee! Yes, you know what we’re talking about. How many times have you caught your employees staring at the walls or lost in thought? With privacy pods, you can encourage your staff to engage in lively discussions and bounce ideas off one another. Along with improving efficiency, these pods also help to give your office layout a more defined structure. 

Like Virginia Wolf said, “what one really needs is simply a room of one’s own”. So when furnishing your startup office, think of a layout that is peaceful, where employees are comfortable enough to do their best. Ready to consider knocking down those walls? With these simple additions to your workspace, you’re sure to find yourself a happy and productive team. 

Don’t worry about where to start, we’ve got your back! With BureauOne’s office furniture rental, you can furnish your workplace in a matter of days. Get in touch with our space planning experts to design an efficient office space that anyone would love to work at. 

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