For the most part, setting up a new office isn’t complicated but it can be a lot of work, extremely mundane and time-consuming work. A clear checklist can help you prioritize your tasks and create a pleasant and productive working space for your startup. Let's talk about the office furniture essentials required for a dynamic startup workspace and how to express your brand image in the best way possible. 

Getting Started

  • First, plan your entire workplace layout by figuring out which sections will house specific teams.
  • Draft an approximate requirement of furniture for each of these sections.
  • You’ll have an idea of your overall budget. Once you are aware of your furniture requirements, decide how to allocate your funds.

Why renting office furniture makes sense

  • Asset light: Why sink thousands of dollars into furniture that will depreciate to half its value as soon as it touches your new hardwood floors?
  • Affordable rental plans: Our rental furniture is a cost-effective option and can be customized or changed to suit your needs.
  • White-glove service: Experience the convenience of quick delivery, assembly, and installation.
  • Scalable subscriptions: Need to add more furniture to your startup workspace? We’ll meet your needs and also move your furniture when you relocate. 
  • Flexible terms: Our contracts are easily extendable. Need furniture for just a few days over or under your contract? We are here to find the best rental plan for you.

Looking for an office furniture rental provider?

Step 1: Measure up

After you've determined what kind of furniture you need, measure individual spaces so that you know the dimensions of each room and don’t risk overcrowding or under furnishing. When you're browsing for furniture, you are bound to have a vague idea of where each piece will fit and what the entire layout will look like. 

When measuring space for a seating area, make sure there's enough place for movement around the workstation so that employees are comfortable, have their fair share of personal space, and can interact with their team easily.

Step 2: Make a good impression

The furniture in your office gives your potential clients and employees a clear first impression of your business. At BureauOne, we provide aesthetically-pleasing, great-quality furniture that is clean, comfortable, and in tip-top shape. Customized to suit your needs, the luxury furniture you rent will give your visitors the right idea about your organization.

Step 3: Focus on employee well-being

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Great furniture doesn’t just look good, it feels good. The small tweaks that set your furniture apart go a long way in taking productivity to the next level. A desk that is just the right height to avoid a painful hunch. Or a chair, curved subtly for lumbar support to keep you comfortable for hours on end.

These design elements are crucial as your employees spend approximately half their waking hours on the furniture you provide. When your employees feel good, they work better, so renting great quality office furniture can boost morale and keep people at the top of their game. 

At BureauOne, experts carefully choose ergonomically designed furniture from leading brands to ensure comfort from 9 to 5.

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BureauOne converts furniture into a utility for businesses - furniture rental/leasing with design guidance, seamless project management and a white-glove moving, delivery, installation experience with the added benefit of turning CapEx to OpEx.

office furniture rental
  • Impressive office furniture inventory from brands you love.
  • Flexible, affordable rental terms with added protection plans for accidental damages.
  • Professional design guidance from our in-house experts.
  • White-glove delivery, assembly, and installation services.

Step 4: Consider your office style and brand identity

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Talk to us about your brand image and we’ll help you curate a collection that will perfectly portray the right identity through a carefully considered selection of furnishings. Our staff is always available, on the phone and on email, to recommend pieces that will work well together in your office.

Whether you are looking for serious, business-like workspaces with a more relaxed lounge area for a corporate office, or a quirky conference room and a laid-back motley crew of desks and chairs for a startup workspace, we have plenty of options that fit the bill.     

Step 5: Choose the right fabric

According to the room or area you are furnishing, pick your upholstery to match. For example, plush black or deep brown leatherette chairs lend a luxurious look to a conference room, while poly linen, in a range or colors, is a comfortable, breathable fabric that is perfect for bright office and lounge chairs.   

When it comes to furniture, employee comfort should be one of your top priorities. A happy employee is a productive employee. Don’t forget to consult your staff for their inputs and suggestions when choosing the right office furniture.

Simplify your furniture needs today!

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