Office Furniture Rental in Burbank

To inspire productivity in the workplace, your business must provide employees with the right office furniture. This includes ergonomic chairs, multi-functional desks, a lounge for recharging and more. To furnish this kind of productive workspace, you need a massive amount of funds that could otherwise be used to invest in more important business functions that generate higher returns.

A well-furnished office can generate returns, but with BureauOne, you don’t have to spend a large capital expense to get one.

BureauOne offers premium office furniture for all kinds of office spaces on rent, along with productivity-inspiring space plans, white-glove delivery, and flexibility with your orders. We provide a convenient all-in-one rental package so that you can furnish a productive office space efficiently and economically.

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Rent Office Furniture in Burbank with BureauOne

Our all-in-one office furniture rental solution doesn’t stop with just offering furniture on rent in Burbank. There are many benefits of renting from BureauOne besides the affordable monthly rates:

  • Work with experience space planners to design productive office layouts.

  • Avoid a massive furniture expenditure by breaking it up into smaller installments.

  • Protect yourself from purchased asset depreciation by going asset-light.

  • Save more immediate capital for investing in priority business needs.

  • Adapt your furniture order to suit changing business requirements.

  • Return furniture after use without hassle. No searching for second-hand buyers. No discarding in landfills.

Don’t want to change or return? Upgrade from renting to ownership at any point during the lease to make the furniture permanent.

Furnish Your Burbank Office with Our Furniture Rentals

BureauOne facilitates the convenient furnishing of an office space by providing furniture, layouts, and 6 day-delivery and installation. All you have to do is choose from our catalog of premium furniture, and we’ll source it from the brands you prefer, deliver it to your office, and set everything up so it’s ready-to-work as soon as possible.

Set your preferred rental duration, swap items, scale up, or purchase the furniture from us at any time. Get started today.

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