Office Furniture Rental in the Hudson Waterfront

The Waterfront is often cited as the Gold Coast, gleaming on the western side of the Hudson river. It offers spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and more as this Urban Area houses several large and small businesses. One of the more desired places to be, it is quite fittingly expensive. New businesses that open here have less to spend on critical things like furnishing.

Startups and SMEs would much prefer to rent their furnishing rather than buying it all. Buying creates a situation where you pay a large upfront cost and acquire assets that lose value and are not particularly easy to resell.

That’s where BureauOne comes in. BureauOne empowers you to get the furniture you want at an affordable price and with flexible lease options. Amazing office furniture from top brands and unmatched customer service make us specialists in this sector.

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Why Choose BureauOne Office Furniture Rentals?

BureauOne’s Office Furniture Rental solution in the Waterfront works for any type of business. Get amazing high-end office furniture for your Co-working space or startup at the best price, lease flexibility, customization, fast delivery and rent to buy option.

  • A diverse catalog of premium, modern office furniture.

  • Work with our design experts to plan your workspace for free.

  • Easy swaps of the furniture you no longer need.

  • Furniture rentals over flexible terms with white-glove services.

  • Experience hassle-free delivery and assembly within a matter of days.

Furnish your Office in the Waterfront with BureauOne today

Being agile is of key importance to any Startup/SME and going asset light makes it much easier to focus on other aspects of your business. BureauOne takes care of all the hard work for you, leaving your business to reach peak efficiency, performance and growth. Let’s get started.

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