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The Problem

Have you invested your capital in office furniture? BureauOne can help you re-channel those funds back into the business.

The Solution

Our leasing product is a quick and transparent path to financial stability. Let us help you unlock the value of your investments made in office furniture.

How It Works *

Step 1

Sign up on BureauOne and get pre-qualified by sharing your company information. You're now ready to unlock capital from your existing furniture or new furniture purchases alike!

Step 2

Select your furniture and choose your term based on your eligibility. Lock-in your lease agreement.

Step 3

Pay monthly for your lease. Opt for convenient add-ons such as maintenance and furniture protection.

Step 4

You can choose to renew the lease or buy out your furniture at the end of the lease or at defined intervals during the lease.

* process subject to credit approval

Cash Out Now, Acquire Later *

With BureauOne, it’s now easy to access office furniture without investing heavily upfront.

Prorated prices, no hidden costs.


* process subject to credit approval

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