How do I benefit from Liquidation?

Getting rid of old furniture has never been easier. We help you dispose of old furniture so you can refresh your office layout with new, premium office furniture on affordable rental plans.

Do I have to rent furniture from BureauOne to be eligible for Liquidation?

Yes. The service will be provided as an additional benefit, at no extra cost. We will liquidate your space and furnish it with new products that you’ve chosen on your office furniture rental plan.

How does the process work?

Once a request for liquidation has been received, we’ll ask you for specific information about your workplace. After the information is provided, we will get back to you in 24-48 hrs with available dates and time slots for pickup of your old furniture.

How much does liquidation cost?

If you rent office furniture from us, BureauOne offers this liquidation service at no extra cost, as a benefit. The Liquidation process requires a considerable effort to move furniture and fixtures from an office location. The cost involved with the service may be waived 100% based on the effort associated with the process.

What furniture items will you clear out from my workplace?

We will clear out almost everything except the following:

  • We will not remove items “built -in” to the infrastructure
  • We will not take non - office items(e.g.beds, dangerous items, trash)
  • We cannot take items that are extremely heavy(that two people cannot carry)
  • Want to know more about Liquidation?

    Send us an email: partnerships@casaone.com

    Or call us: +1 (323) 843-6550