Office Furniture Rental in New Jersey

If you are looking to set-up a dream office in New Jersey, furniture will be big expense that you have factored in. How would you think a rent vs buy will stack up on your budget plan? On the up side there is immense cost savings, manageable monthly installments, the flexibility to scale up, down, add, swap furniture, and no-hassle white-glove service. Now the downside – while we think long and hard and look for any arguable downsides why don’t you check out our office furniture range.

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Is renting furniture the smart choice for your office in New Jersey?

Furniture is fast becoming a new asset class. The asset-light movement is catching on across organizations not just in New Jersey but across the globe too. Furniture rental frees up huge capital investments right at the get-go and gives organizations the option to use that for growth drivers and expansion plans. There are compelling arguments to go asset-light. To read more about how BureauOne can enable cost savings for your New Jersey Office, read on.

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Design experts to help plan your office space in New Jersey

Outfitting an office is a laborious, expensive experience with multiple vendor hassles. BureauOne has simplified the entire process keeping our clients’ needs in mind. So, if you want to furnish an office in New Jersey, our experts hand-hold you every step of the way. From helping you choose the furniture that would best work for your office, to free 2D/3D space plans that help you visualize your dream office, we’ve got you covered. 

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Benefits of renting office furniture from BureauOne

  • Health-positive chairs, workstations and other furniture that boosts employee well-being
  • Flexible monthly plans that frees up huge upfront capital investments
  • One stop shop from design to delivery
  • Convenience to plan and schedule delivery & installation
  • 2D/3D visualizations
  • Lease to Own plans if you have long-term furniture needs

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