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Also pronounced as ‘Naw-Fok’, Norfolk is home to several powerful attractions like the Chrysler Museum of Art - the most important art museums in this part of the United States, which currently houses over 30,000 items. Given that it also resides the largest naval base in the world, it comes as no surprise that the U.S. Department of Defence and other shipping industries are the top employers in this region. 

At BureauOne, we’re in the business of enabling such influential industries in Norfolk to create a productive work environment, and are now the go-to source for the best office furniture in the vicinity. With an intention to change the usual look and feel of workplaces, our love for modern furniture led us to build a marketplace that offers of rentals for premium yet affordable office furniture.

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Office Furniture Rentals in Norfolk

Set up a productive workspace in Norfolk using BureauOne’s all-in-one furnishing solution for your office. By sourcing your office furniture from us, enjoy:

  • A wide range of premium, quality office furniture to choose from.

  • Affordable and flexible rental terms, including white-glove services.

  • Expertly planned layouts that instill a productive culture.

  • The option to own the furniture at the end of your lease term.

Furnish Your Norfolk Office with BureauOne Today

It costs a lot to purchase office furniture. As businesses embrace the asset-light economy, the time and effort spent on acquiring office furniture is simply not worth it. It would be a smart move to invest funds towards the growth of the business instead of spending a good chunk of your working capital in buying office furniture.

With BureauOne, you can now split that massive upfront cost into simpler, manageable installments so that you retain more funds that can be redirected towards immediate needs and processes of growing your business.

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