Office Furniture Rental in Rogers Park, Chicago

Congratulations are in order if you’ve chosen to set up your HQ in Rogers Park, Chicago. 
Being one of the most diverse enclaves in the country, Rogers Parks boasts over 70 nationalities. Working at Rogers Park means your people are in for a variety of ethnic restaurants and a rich cultural experience.

Once you’ve signed the lease for your new office space, the next logical step is getting furniture.

Enter BureauOne - your all-inclusive partner for office furniture. By offering office furniture as a subscription, BureauOne adds value and flexibility required for your business to scale. By choosing to work with BureauOne, you gain access to 1000s of products from top brands at affordable rental rates.

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Why Rent Office Furniture in Rogers Park from BureauOne?

Comfortable office furniture not only makes your employees feel at home when at work, but also boosts their productivity. Unfortunately, acquiring great office furniture comes with budget constraints along with the fact that you will essentially be investing in assets that are self-depreciating in value.

With BureauOne now in Rogers Park, Chicago, your dream office space can become a potential reality. Working with BureauOne for your office furniture lets you:

  • Choose from an extensive range of ergonomic, comfortable office furniture.

  • Get your furniture on a subscription plan to cater to your changing business needs.

  • Opt for the protection and maintenance of your rented furniture.

  • Experience concierge-like white-glove services.

Rent-to-Own Office Furniture in Rogers Park

In a world where information is king, owning self-depreciating assets isn’t as valuable as it once was. As businesses globally adopt this approach, it’s high time for your business to adopt the asset-light model too. You can easily begin by renting furniture for your Chicago office in Rogers Park, from BureauOne. Do know that you can upgrade from renting to owning your furniture anytime you like?

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