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Glider Low Back Office Chair Black
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Dimensions (inches)

27.6W *33.9H *27.6D

Glider Low Back Office Chair Black

  • Usage This low-back chair is ideal for conference rooms. It has an adjustable tilting mechanism and a smooth leatherette seat so you can sit comfortably during long meetings. It‚Äôs also quite slim and space-saving so it‚Äôs easy to fit many of them in a room.
  • Features Star-like base of wheels provide good stability and easy movement across the floor. The wide chair offers lumbar support and the height and tilt are adjustable. The leatherette upholstery feels padded and smooth.
  • Adjustability Personalize the height and tilt of this chair to suit your own height and leaning style. Hour-long meetings can take their toll, so you want to be comfortable.
  • Why rent this? The comfort and customizability offered by this black leatherette office chair can help you feel more relaxed and attentive in meetings. In doing so, this chair can help encourage more participation and collaboration within teams and boost overall productivity.