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Keen Office Chair Vintage Black
Product Material



Vintage Black

Dimensions (inches)

24.4W *30.7H *25.2D

Keen Office Chair Vintage Black

  • Usage This low-back chair is ideal for conference rooms. It has a smooth, height-adjustable, faux leather seat so you can sit comfortably during long meetings.
  • Features Strong and star-like chromed steel base of wheels provide good stability and easy movement across the floor. The faux leather upholstery feels posh, padded, and smooth.
  • Adjustability You can modify the height of this chair to suit you easily. The faux leather provides a plush feel that conforms to your body‚Äôs contour and provides gentle cushioning.
  • Why rent this? As a stylish faux leather conference room chair, this piece brings an impressive sense of class to your meeting room a big plus if you tend to meet a lot of visitors, clients, or stakeholders there. It‚Äôs also easy to maintain in the long-run.