Office Furniture Rental in San Francisco

BureauOne enables companies to furnish offices in a way that adapts to their changing business interests.

Only by renting furniture in San Francisco could you start out with a handful of desks for a few months and grow to a 50-person thriving office space complete with a reception area and a lounge without denting your budget. How?

BureauOne provides office furniture on rent in SF at affordable monthly rates, for any rental duration you desire, with the flexibility to swap, add, and upgrade furniture as you grow. We handle the sourcing, delivering, and assembling so you don’t have to. And we provide space planning consultations for office layouts that suit your employees’ needs for a productive workday.

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Rent Office Furniture in San Francisco with BureauOne

What makes BureauOne the right fit is that we’ve combined all the tasks involved in office furnishing into one seamless end-to-end rental solution - one that includes:

  • An impressive range of ergonomic and productive office furniture from brands you know.
  • White-glove delivery and assembly on site within 5 business days.
  • Affordable rental fees to free up immediate capital for higher priority investments.
  • Flexible rental terms and logistical schedules.
  • Space planning advice for generating office layouts conducive to productivity.
  • Convenient ability to scale up as the business expands.

Furnish Your Office with Our San Francisco Furniture Rentals

There’s an ongoing conflict of opinions on the productivity of open-office layouts. Some believe it facilitates collaboration. Others want to bring back the cubicles.

We believe that a well-designed office isn’t one that follows trends but discovers its own potential as it grows. Your business is unique and what doesn’t work for others could be just what your employees need. By renting office furniture in SF, you get to discover exactly what kind of layouts and furniture your office needs as you grow in real time without worrying about an upfront massive expenditure.

Find out how BureauOne can help you get started by getting in touch with our advisers.

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