Office Furniture Rental in the Upper West Side, Manhattan

The cost of office furniture can seem like a hassle, especially if you’ve just procured space in a prime location like the Upper West Side. That is why, renting office furniture in the UWS makes a lot of economic sense.

BureauOne provides office furniture on rent from some of the best brands so that you can create a premium office space that fits right in this neighborhood, without breaking the bank.

  • Choose the furniture you want.

  • Get productivity-based floor plans.

  • Set a rental term that suits you.

  • Get everything delivered and assembled at your office.

BureauOne makes furnishing your office simpler and more affordable. To get an instant idea of how affordable, generate a quote based on your furniture needs.

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Rent Office Furniture in the Upper West Side, NYC

The benefits of renting office furniture in the UWS far outweigh the cost of purchasing. Not only do we ensure you have a hassle-free furnishing experience at all times, but we go the extra mile to facilitate your business’ growth.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with BureauOne:

  • Split an unreasonably large furniture expense into smaller, affordable monthly fees.

  • Save more immediate funds to invest in business functions focused on growth.

  • Get office furniture delivered within 7 business days along with convenient on-site setup.

  • Work with professional space planners to discover the most efficient use of your office space.

  • Return, exchange, or add more products to your subscription as your business expands.

  • Stay protected from asset depreciation and major losses in resale value.

  • Return the furniture as an eco-friendlier alternative to discarding them in landfills.

Plus, with BureauOne, if you wish to keep the furniture long after your lease is up, it’s easy to upgrade from renting to owning at any time by paying the buyout price.

Why Choose BureauOne’s Office Furniture Rentals in the UWS?

BureauOne answers the problem of locking in much-needed funds in office furniture and décor without providing the flexibility of changing them as the business grows.

Our furniture rental solution allows brands to not only retain this flexibility, but also be able to redirect all the funds saved towards priority business interests. We place more importance on experiences and productivity and that is what makes us different from any other furniture rental brand.

You can find out more about our rental solution by speaking with one of our office furniture advisors.

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